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About Bea Piper

Bea Piper sounds like the watercolours she paints, all shapes and bold colours in memorable fragments of melody. She sings with her whole body, delivering her songs with a honeyed punch of powerful vulnerability.

Her debut album You in your underwear is out now. Balancing irresistibly catchy hooks with the deep, brief sobriety of old heartbreak country ballads, her songs stitch together enduring stories of her search for connection in these strange dystopian times.

She is the vocalist for psych rock band The Good Beast.

Record Label

Cuculi Records

Cuculi Records

Cuculi Records is a DIY label based in Bristol, run by a woman-led collective of musicians and songwriters with the aim of helping grassroots artists navigate the complexities of releasing music independently. We work with bedroom composers, folk singers, ambient explorers and unusual ensembles who might struggle to find a niche on the scene for their weird, quiet, compelling music, based on our own experiences as outsider musicians. Many of the folks we work with are neurodiverse, and we have all felt a huge impact on our work by creating a resilient, compassionate network of like-minded artists.

Our current roster includes Eleven Magpies, Tom Calladine, Anna Anise, House of Figs, Bea Piper and Hands of the Heron - the last being an alt-folk trio who co-founded the label in 2020. We’ve worked with some artists through every stage of production and release, and others we’ve supported by managing press and distribution after they’ve completed production on their albums themselves. Most recently, we’ve been running Cuculi Presents, a series of intimate gigs around Bristol with a focus on listening and experimentation. We’ve hosted nine events since June 2022 and all of them have sold out, with several more to come over the spring and summer.

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