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Bruno Muerte - Computers On Parade

Computers On Parade

Bruno Muerte - Parallelism


Bruno Muerte - Projections


About Bruno Muerte

Bruno Muerte

Bruno Muerte (Nigel on guitars/synths, Stefano on drum machines/synths) is an Oxford-based Techno Swamp Electroclash duo renowned for energetic and occasionally chaotic live shows, 80s influenced drum machines, retro synthesiser burps and strangely danceable guitar twangles.

Record Label

All Will Be Well Records

All Will Be Well Records

A laboratory for new Oxfordhsire/Berkshire music, specialising in limited edition vinyl releases. All Will Be Well Records was formed in 2015 to support local artists. The current roster includes The Pink Diamond Review, Pandapopalypse, Little Red, Moogieman And The Masochists, Bruno Muerte, Seasons In Shorthand, Master Of None. We have also put out releases by Mandrake Handshake, Tiger Mendoza, Easter Island Statues and The Other Dramas.

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