Chris Foster - Outsiders

- Chris Foster

Chris Foster - Outsiders

Chris Foster’s 6th solo album contains a mix of old traditional songs and ballads, along with a few songs from the 20th century. The album was a runner up in the 2008 fROOTS magazine, best folk / world music album of 2008 poll.

Released April 2008

All songs traditional, except Song of the olive tree by Leon Rosselson,

Deportee (plane wreck at Los Gatos) by Woody Guthrie & Martin Hoffman,

Brother can you spare a dime by Edgar ‘Yip’ Harberg and Jay Gornay and Trespassers will be celebrated by Sally Goldsmith.

All songs arranged by Chris Foster with the performers, except the string arrangement for The false bride by Bára Grímsdóttir.

Performers: Chris Foster: Vocals, guitar and langspil Val Regan: Fiddle and vocals Trevor Lines: Five string double bass and hammered dulcimer Bára Grímsdóttir: Kantele and vocals Laura Fiddaman: Cello Ruth Angell: Viola and fiddle Joe Broughton: Mandolin Fraser Speirs: Harmonica

Produced by Chris Foster Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Broughton at SAE Studio, Birmingham, England.

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