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Dog Race - It's The Squeeze

It's The Squeeze

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About Dog Race

Evoking a sense of looming, gothic darkness, London’s Dog Race explore their vulnerabilities with motifs of unease in order to confront their deepest fears. The five-piece bleeds with angling guitars haunted by modulation and crunching synths with engulfing intensity, while propulsive drum rhythms are surgically interlaced with electronics. Ambiguous lyricism is spoken through unworldly realms, propelled by an almost operatic vibrato. It’s a sound that emanates between the perilous depths of Xmal Deutschland, the electronic pulse of Kraftwerk, and the dramatic flair of Klaus Nomi, filled with the anxieties of the modern day.

Dog Race have created a path marked by patience and a relentless commitment to refining both their sound and lineup until they felt comfortable unleashing it on the world. This process has paved the way for breathtaking live performances that have supported the likes of Fat Dog, Maruja, Voka Gentle, Nuha Ruby Ra Oslo Twins, and Slap Rash, in addition to gracing the stage at Visions Festival. Their previous singles garnered widespread acclaim, receiving support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6, in addition to Clash, Notion, Dork, So Young, and The Line of Best Fit. Continuing to work with producer Ali Chant (Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Portishead) and joining forces with Fascination Street Records (Oslo Twins) has resulted in the creation of ‘It’s The Squeeze’, their darkest single to date.

Record Label

Fascination Street Records

Fascination Street Records

Fascination Street records is the brainchild of Bristol- based producer Ali Chant. Owner of Playpen Studios an in demand studio wizard for acts such as Dry Cleaning, Aldous Harding, Yard Act, Elder Island, Katy J Pearson and Perfume Genius among others.

With a keen eye for new bands and a highly regarded production style, Ali decided that he wanted to cut out the middle man and put out great music via his own channels.

Partnering with Ali on this venture are Zoe, Leon and Sol from Factory Studios - a mainstay of the Bristol music scene and hotbed for established and up and coming talent. The studio hosts an array of great new and renowned acts, including Idles, Squid, Katy J Pearson, Ismael Ensemble, Eats Everything, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack. It is also brimming over with new bands and emerging solo acts, many of whom benefit from the mentoring services offered by the studio.

Between the two organisations they have the facilities and expertise to offer a full suite of services for their roster of artists, from recording music, to getting vital press shots and recording music videos and live sessions.

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