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ERIKA - Home is Where The Heart is LIVE

Home is Where The Heart is LIVE



Independent artist and music maker ERIKA emerged from a life coloured by the musical corners of UK and Japan. Crafting beautiful and innovative pop, the mood can switch from haunting to joyous and from hope to despair from verse to verse. Her voice has also caught the attention of some established artists. She provides backing vocals, keyboards & percussion for Skunk Anansie, Japanese artist, Hotei and has toured extensively with MIKA as his backing singer and recorded a guest vocal on two tracks with #1 UK artist, Bastille. ERIKA is a huge fan of connectivity and interaction. Every show has always had interactive moments. Whether that is attaching onto a crowd by a belt connecting up to 110 people or throwing a giant pompom out from stage which triggers sounds making the audience part of the band. Expect emphasis on connection and play through innovative technology at all her shows.