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Fabio Ferri

Fabio Ferri - Griboyedov Incident

Griboyedov Incident

About Fabio Ferri

Fabio Ferri is a musician and composer based in Bristol, active in a number of projects at the heart of the jazz and experimental music scene. His solo project includes recording albums with ambitious concepts and production techniques, and performances with solo electric guitar or ensembles. On 8th December Griboyedov Incident, an album that takes inspiration from late romantic and contemporary classical music, was released and distributed by himself and the label Camembert Électrique, and saw a release party (now available on YouTube) on 17th January at the Gallimaufry, one of the most popular as well as adventurous venues in Bristol. The main aspects of his playing and compositional technique are uniqueness, ultimate creativity and deep knowledge of a wide range of genres. In his shows he already performed at some of the best known venues in Bristol and the South West, art fairs, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He and his music will feature in the Netflix show “Baby Reindeer”. Keen explorer of the yet unknown and of the interaction of music with other forms of art, in particular on the visual side. Other projects he is currently part of include the jazz band Deems Experiment, the live band of the rapper Danny Burrito, the folk band Trikkeballakke.

“Based in the South West and originally from Italy, Fabio Ferri is rapidly garnering a name for his avant-garde, experimental compositions and live performances. Fabio really invites you into his strange world of music through his playful interaction and a combination of not taking himself too seriously, whilst simultaneously showcasing exceptional virtuosity that fully justifies the whole occasion, making his performances a strangely unifying event in avant-garde music. Technically focussing his prophetic proficiency with the electric guitar, his inventive use of looping technology and his inherent understanding for structure and time…Fabio’s live shows are more of a journey than a destination, make sure you’re along for the ride…as a man on the cross, he has no fear” @phatbristol

“Fabio Ferri in Jesus drag coaxing diverse sounds from his effects drenched guitar, including Spinal Tap bow use and mildly blasphemous incorporation of ‘prepared’ crucifix pendant whilst the camp occultism of Kenneth Anger played in the background. A stylophone was also produced and there was a merry parade of followers which capered out into the bar beyond to perplex the gathered Specials fans outside” Jez Winship about the performance at Music is Murder

“We love your approach to music and can tell you’re a very talented and thoughtful. The music is super interesting and a really cool concept which combines lots of different elements” @wormdiscoclub

“I have the impression to listen sometimes to the group Gong in the year 3048, but supercharged … it is a reference among many others … Your style is very wide ! The themes are well worked ! The mix and the sound are very good too!” Camembert Électrique