Ignė Barkauskaitė

Ignė Barkauskaitė

Ignė Barkauskaitė - Listen, I Have Something to Tell You

Listen, I Have Something to Tell You

About Ignė Barkauskaitė

I am a Lithuanian-born theatre-maker, performer, and musician, based in Bristol since 2008. My work explores lived experience of migration, mental health, global conflict, the natural world and a relationship between personal and collective memory through mixed mediums - movement, poetry and sound, often in co-creation with others.

In 2023, collaborating with producer-composer Jake Bright I released my debut album ‘Listen, I Have Something To Tell You’. Blending lyrical melodies, personal diary entries, cinematic imagery and the influences of Bristol sound I explore the themes of nostalgia, intimacy and displacement, searching for meaning in a time of disquiet. The album captures the geographical, emotional and spiritual trajectories I have made since leaving my country in 2008.