Jahna (FKA Knights)

Jahna (FKA Knights)

Dungeon EP

Jahna (FKA Knights) - Dungeon EP

JAHNA, now known as KNIGHTS, was our first artist to feature on the Sudo Sound label, and the best possible way to kick off our releases. This talented artist, hailing from the south coast, likes to combine and mould a variety of influences and musical styles into his sets and productions, ranging from Techno, Jazz and Hip-Hop to Drum & Bass, Jungle and Dubstep.

Fusing heavyweight bass lines with experimental sound design and sampling, Josh brings a distinct style and vibe in both his productions and DJ sets and this EP is a reflection of just that

His track ‘Dawn’ was recently featured on the debut VA release from SND SYTM CLTR (SNDSYSTMVA001) alongside artists such as Roklem & Sebalo, Imanzi, Mungk, Teffa & Grundy, just to name a handful.


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Jahna (FKA Knights)
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