Langkamer - The Noon And Midnight Manual

The Noon And Midnight Manual

About Langkamer

The last true heroes of the old South West, Langkamer formed in 2018 with the aim of fashioning good ol’ guitar music that bridged the creative gap between Pavement and the Band. After a series of rough and ready EPs they recorded their debut album ‘West Country’ over the summer of 2020 in the cool confines of iconic Bristol venue, The Louisiana. A curious blend of old Americana and the spirit of the South-West, the album brought them a litany of rave reviews from BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and the UK music press and was followed by a series of extensive tours across land and seas, where punters and patrons across the land finally got to hear their repertoire of alt-country classics played in full.

The band retained this momentum throughout sunny ol’ 2022, releasing a double A-side, ‘Teeth’ and ‘Soul Bucket’, in the first half of the year and an EP ‘Red Thread Route’ in the second half. Both proved popular with fans, the latter receiving praise from Brooklyn Vegan, Uncut and Yuck magazine, while also being regularly played by Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson on Radio 6. However, it is the band’s second album, out on the 18th May, that truly showcases their songwriting abilities. As clear and direct as the morning hours, ‘The Noon And Midnight Manual’ perfectly embodies the band’s dextrous and anthemic brand of slacker rock. It takes the vast existential worries of modern life and dresses them up in rambling pop sensibilities, swerving between vibrant sing-alongs and off-kilter guitar melodies. It displays a masterful and meticulous sense of craftsmanship. Like a carefully painted miniature figurine, its minute details all come together beautifully to create a body of work far greater than the sum of its parts. It feels like there’s a mischievous spirit running through the album, something playful and nimble, dexterous and jocose, but ultimately unsettled.