Mac Lloyd

Mac Lloyd

Mac Lloyd & Dysfunktion - Bring It On Home

Bring It On Home

Mac Lloyd - Melancholic Soul Club

Melancholic Soul Club

Mac Lloyd - Sweetheart Soul Jams, Vol. 2

Sweetheart Soul Jams, Vol. 2

Mac Lloyd - The One

The One

About Mac Lloyd

Mac Lloyd has honed his sound as a truly unique songwriter and producer throughout the last few years, leading the way in his signature Melancholic Soul music. Having released a plethora of projects over recent years he has cemented himself as a multi-faceted artist that has collaborated with some of the finest UK hip hop artists, whilst simultaneously releasing a distinctive set of solo releases that seamlessly mould elements of soul, indie, hip hop & jazz into one cohesive, smooth package.

With a tight live show, an expansive back catalogue, and backing from the likes of The Wire Magazine, Chuck D + DJ Shorty (AndYouDontStop radio), BBC introducing and many more, its evident that Mac Lloyd is a unique and defined artist in these times of extreme over saturation.

Born in 1993 in England, he first picked up an instrument at aged 10, having admired much of the rock, punk, blues & soul records of his parent’s collection, even from a young age. That year for his birthday he received his first guitar which set in motion his dedication to the instrument and music as a whole. Due to his participation and admiration for skateboarding, he was also introduced to a variety of other genres like hip hop, reggae and American punk music. Having played in a variety of bands over his early teens he decided to study music production at the age of 16 and was soon producing experimental hip hop. Years on McLeod would fuse all of the finer elements of his previous work and begin producing and releasing music under the moniker Mac Lloyd.

After a string of underground successes with releases such as It’s Not All Bad, I Promise, Tired Eyes EP and his web series Sweetheart Soul Jams, Vol. 1 + 2 Mac found himself producing and releasing a highly praised experimental rap EP in collaboration with Green Bricks head honcho Res One entitled Hindsight Hotel. The pair gained widespread praise from the UK rap & soul scenes with The Wire magazine, Wordplay, and other well-known publications singing the duo’s praises. Since mac has released two more EPs in 2021 which have allowed him to hone in on his signature sound. The first was titled Melancholic Soul Club and the second Sweetheart Soul Jams Vol. 2. These two projects saw Mac write, produce mix and master the projects by himself, confirming his creative ability as a producer, engineer, and artist all around

As Mac progresses his unique and individual approach to producing and songwriting has certainly made him a notable up and comer in the UK hip hop & soul markets, garnering praise and support from the likes of DJ jaguar (Radio 1), Chuck D + DJ Shorty (AndYouDontStop Radio), Huey Morgan (Radio 6), Alessio Bertallot, James Threlfall + BBC Introducing and many more.

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