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Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis - Edge in Wordways

Mike Dennis - Edge in Wordways

Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis - #havealaughonme

Mike Dennis - #havealaughonme

Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis - Junction 29 EP

Mike Dennis - Junction 29 EP

Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis - Smiles & Cries

Mike Dennis - Smiles & Cries

Mike Dennis - Mike Dennis - Three Trees pt. 1

Mike Dennis - Three Trees pt. 1

About Mike Dennis

Mike Dennis

Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist whose boyhood love of Run DMC, Beastie Boys and Gangstarr led him to create a unique kind of string-heavy hip hop music he half-seriously refers to as Violinica.  “Violin in hand and a multitude of effects and loop pedals at his feet, he builds up to a string and percussion crescendo before opening his mouth and… wow! This guy doesn’t just spit rhymes, they just cascade out at a speed that is as ferocious as his lyrics.” - Wake The Deaf (Ben Gallivan) Performing using Jess (violin), a loop pedal and a cajon, Mike builds up layers of dense harmony and embellishes with thoughtful, energetic rhymes drawing inspiration from daily British life and the perils and profits of love with a geeky fanaticism for rhythm-bending and syncopation.

You won’t have seen an artist like this before. 

In his previous guise as half of Fidgital, Mike supported De La Soul, The Bays, J Live and Aesop Rock and toured mainland Europe extensively leaving crowds flabbergasted. In 2016, he released “Smiles & Cries” on his own label, D-Funk Records. The single, “Stuff” was picked up as Tom Robinsons 6music Recommends track in March 2016. It’s available now on iTunes. “OH.MY.GOD… How have I not heard @Mikedennisyeah before last week’s FOTN submissions. CHECK THIS OUT folks: “Stuff” (Tom Robinson, 6Music) “That shit you was doing…took me to different dimensions, man” (Vordal Mega of Cannibal Ox) “How many brains do you have?!” (Sensible J/Remi)