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About Miya The Sun

Miya The Sun is a Hip-Hop/Funk and Soul Band on a mission to bring groove, sunny days and good vibrations to the people of Bristol and the rest of the UK. Our music is a mix of hard hitting funk instrumentals and rap, as well as buttery soft ballads with honey smooth harmonies. We are Bristol Based and are deeply inspired by the city. Our lyrics explore various theme such as community, unity, and nature. Where we shine is in our live performance. We have played most venues in Bristol and there’s nothing that we love more than putting on a night for everyone to come to and let LOOSE. We are high-energy performers and we feed off the crowds energy in order to put on the best, most energetic and cathartic show possible.

Formed during the pandemic, the band is made of Chalky (Drummer Singer) Will (Guitarist) and Louis (Bass Player) and Poppy (Singer.). We released our first EP last year and have been playing local shows and festivals since then, and we are now writing our debut album. We are now preparing for a busy spring of Bristol gigs as well as an even busier festival season.