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Silky Disturbance

Silky Disturbance - Lens of the Arcana

Lens of the Arcana

About Silky Disturbance

Based in Bristol, Apocalyptic Folk band Silky Disturbance are made up of Vocalist/Guitarist Georgia, Violinist Ben, Trumpet player Lyle and Synth/Vocalist Thea. The band also collaborate with performance artist and dancer Malena Grilli.

Performing at U.K. festivals such as Glastonbury, Buddahfield and Shambhala, their live shows are described as unique sonic flirtations mixing idm drum patterns and heartfelt song writing with a strong occult aesthetic.

The new release ‘Lens of the Arcana’ is made up of songs from characters in the Tarot, looking at different ubiquitous subjects through the eyes of each archetype. Inspired by each card, Silky Disturbance takes the sonic ear on a mystical journey, to conjure up a musical reading, her voice telling us the story.