The Good Beast

The Good Beast

The Good Beast - The Good Beast (self titled album)

The Good Beast (self titled album)

About The Good Beast

The Good Beast is a six-piece whirlpool of crunching psychedelic rock that will blow your aura to next Wednesday. They have worked in various formations for a decade and now come together as The Good Beast.

Right now their debut album is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to be pressed into vinyl. The album is a celebration of years of collaboration and friendship. The songwriting is primarily down to Bill Merrick, whilst the songs are sung by the truthful voice of Bea Piper. Louis Alberry and Bill Merrick alternate in playing lead guitar. Jack Cullimore is on synth and percussion and has also mixed the entire album. Ollie Grant plays kit and Alec Harrison on fretless bass. We have worked collaboratively to come up with arrangements for all the songs, producing something that feels special and very exciting.

The songs speak of a desire to seek the wilderness. They attempt to find truth and simplicity in a world so lost in productivity and individuality. There is melancholia to some of the material, which is heard in both the lyrics and the harmony. In other songs, pumping riffs and punchy rhythm drive the songs into a playful and dream-like world. Often, one song may take you through both of these landscapes, making the music intriguing and playful.