Adding features in for the summer

We’ve quietly launched a couple of features this past week, that are worth talking about (the various behind the scenes updates aren’t…). Both are trying to make it easier for artists to earn some money from the people listening to their music, which I think everyone can agree is a Good ThingTM

First, we are now integrated with Coil’s authentication. This means we can set up a payment stream from the browser, without needing their plug-in installed. This means users on a mobile device don’t need to use a special browser to support the artists they love to listen to. Neat.

Second, we now have “direct artist support” available in beta. What does this mean? Well, it means that on some artist pages you’ll see some QR codes & maybe a Xumm button.

Direct artist support in the flesh!

These let you pay the artist directly (we don’t take a cut, and aren’t involved in the transaction beyond showing the QR codes/buttons) using various digital currencies (XRP, Bitcoin, Etherium for now). Things like Xumm could open up the possibility for recurring payments, for those that want to do that kind of thing. We’ll also be adding this as a way to support the site directly in the future, for now feel free to swing by our XRPTipBot page!

At the moment we’re testing out how to best integrate these, both in terms of design/experience & technically, so would be keen to hear feedback. If any artists would like to get this set up drop us an email.