How Do Artist Payments Work?

We use an emerging technology called Web Monetisation to stream payments from your listeners to you. Web Monetisation allows consumers to pay a single subscription which is then streamed to the creators they enjoy, as they read, listen or watch content on web monetised sites like ours. Currently there is one such subscription service, called Coil.

Coil pays via a digital currency called XRP. They track the dollar:XRP exchange rate so that you are paid $0.36/hour for each Coil subscriber listening to your music. Uphold will let you receive that into your wallet in the currency of your choice and then transfer into your bank account.

You can receive payment on Uphold in Euro, Dollars, or a digital currency. If choosing a digital currency (cryptocurrency) like XRP or Bitcoin for your wallet, be aware that digital currencies can change value significantly and quickly. You may want to regularly transfer your payments to your national currency card or draw them down into your bank account.

Note: you don’t need to create a Coil account to use Audiotarky, but having one means you can pay for music you listen to on Audiotarky

Once your tracks are live, let people know they can hear them & stream you payment via Coil. You are paid as soon as someone with Coil enabled starts to listen to your music, and you can transfer that money into a different wallet or your bank account at any point.

If you share your music with our embeddable player on other sites, the player will set the ILP pointer so you get paid when people listen to your music with Coil enabled, wherever they are.

Reuse your payment pointer (ILP)

Your payment pointer can be used in lots of places, so that Coil enabled visitors send you micropayments wherever they find you. You can add it to your own webpage by adding a meta tag to the sites head:

  <!-- Other head content like title or style here -->
  <meta name="monetization" content="$">

There is a growing list of other sites which are Coil enabled. For instance, you can get streaming payments for your videos on Cinnamon, and if you’ve been streaming performances on Twitch you might like to encourage your viewers to watch with Coil enabled.

We also recommend signing up for XRPTipBot. This service makes it easy for people to send you money directly.

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