Fans Manual

Audiotarky operates using a different model compared to other music-streaming platforms. We utilise a web monetization platform called Coil that enables us to fairly fund the artists and labels on Audiotarky when you stream their music.

To ensure you support the artists and labels on Audiotarky when listening to their music, please:

  1. Create a Coil account
  2. Install the Coil extension on your desktop or mobile device
  3. Sign in to Coil and start listening to music on Audiotarky
  4. Get that feel good feeling, knowing that artists and labels are getting paid directly and fairly when you stream their music!

How does Coil work?

Coil users pay a single $5 monthly subscription fee which is then distributed in the form of micropayments to creators for every second of their content you read, watch or listen to.

By subscribing to Coil, not only will you be supporting the artists and labels on Audiotarky when you listen to their music, but you can also support a whole host of other content creators you love across the web, all within your monthly subscription cost. Across the Coil network, you’ll also benefit from an ad-free experience, gain access to exclusive content and be able to relax in the knowledge that Coil will never track, sell or share your data.

To find out more about Coil, please visit their website.

Direct payments

You may notice a few QR codes around the site. These let you pay the artists in XRP, Bitcoin & Etherium directly. Audiotarky takes not “cut” in such things, but you can tip us via XRPTipBot:

Support us via XRPTipBot

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